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Thanks to modern medicine and technological developments, we live longer now. The average human lifespan 100 years ago was 30 years, now it has reached 85. Unfortunately, most people spend 20% of their extended life unhealthy and needy. MeMap's next-generation fitness system is here to help you take control of your physical health and life.

Prolong your healthy life.

A healthspan is life spending generally in good health without any chronic diseases. The chronological age cannot be reversed, but with the right exercise strategy, it is possible to rejuvenate physically and live healthy for many years. Exercising is your best way to prolong a healthspan! Fitness Check-Up tells you what's right for you and gives you the exercise strategy that will make your physical health perfect.

Discover your body's potential for a longer, healthier life.

In order to improve physical health, it is necessary to measure the level first. Seeing physical and physiological capacity is the starting point for a fully personalized exercise plan tailored to the body's actual needs.

What is Fitness Check-Up

It is an assessment protocol that reveals all health-related fitness information that cannot be seen from the outside. Calculated from Fitness Check-Up test data, your FitSkor® shows you how fit you really are. In your Fitness Check-Up report, all your test results are given in detail and in such a way that you can understand your physical capacity, strengths, and weaknesses and how they affect your health.

What is FitScore®

FitScore® is the first and only objective scoring system in the world that numerically expresses your fitness level according to your age and gender. The FitSkor® is calculated and evaluated in the ScoreSoft® software using the physical test data performed with the fitness trainer. The ScoreSoft® software evaluates all health-related fitness components one by one and calculates the FitSkor® as a single score based on their contribution to health.

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